Nutritional Values
Valor nutricional
Hidratos de carbono por diferencia 0,91 g
Humedad 77,50 g
Proteina bruta 20,48 g
Grasa bruta <1,00 g
Cenizas 1,11 g
Energía 86 Kcal
Energía Kj
Sodio 0,16 %
Ac. grasos monoinsaturados <0,01 %
Ac. grasos poliinsaturados <0,01 %
Ac. grasos saturados <0,02 %
Ac. grasos Omega3 <0,02 g
Ac. alfa-Linoléico %
Ac. Eicosatetraenoico %
Ac. Clupanódico %
Ac. grasos Omega6 <0,02 g
Ac. Linoleico %
Ac. gamma-Linolénico %
Ac Dihomo-gamma-linolénic %
Ac. Araquidónico %
Valor por 100 g de producto
Full Information

Dogfish (Galeorhinus galeus) Dogfish, or vitamin Shark is an elasmobranquio carcarriniform of the Triiskidae family which are widely scattered in the warmer waters of all the oceans.  Boneless in the upper region before the back fins , they can reach 2m in length and 45kg in weight. They are  “demersal”, that is, swimmers, but live on sea beds at between 40m and 100m depth. They feed on fish such as sardines, mackerel, and also crustaceans and invertebrates..

They form part of the shark family, although are a much smaller variety. Their teeth, compared to other species are small, but very pointed and sharp.

Fishing Methods

Drag lines and long sea bed lines.

Similar Species

Gatusa and musola.