Petaca Chico

Tuna, octopus and fish. Special attention to Wild blue tuna captured by the Almadraba based in Barbate


Petaca Chico S.L. has the valuable experience of two generations of involvement in the fish marketing field, making us leaders in the export and import of Andalucian fish. Our main activity is the handling and distribution of fish products, with one of the most important being the capture of tuna, octopus and fish, such as sea bass, sea breams, squid, and the popular cuttlefish from the area.


The Company was formed at the beginning of 1993 by 3 partners and 2 employees expanding to today’s 150 workforce, making it possible to cover the extensive business orders of our clients for our strictly selected products with efficient and speedy delivery.


These tunnels are used specifically to freeze all types of fish destined for export to France, Greece, Japan etc.,. These tunnels are found in a designated area where the product is introduced and subjected to a mist of dispersed liquid nitrogen at -196° on a pulverised freezing ramp, and serves to preserve the product's quality.


Cold gas, as vapour, is directed by ventilators against the fish and provides an excellent thermic effect in the installation. Due to the great control in the tunnels there is an imperceptible loss of weight from dehydration, and virtually no product deformation takes place. Cellular structures are well preserved and the incidence of bacterial enzyme phenomena are minimal. At present we have six liquid nitrogen freezing tunnels and daily maintenance keeps them hygienically perfect. The ice is made in a adjoining easy access chamber in Petaca Chico S.L .installations, which is convenient for our employees.


Petaca Chico installations include the most advanced freezing systems (Deep-Freezing to -60°) as developed for Japanese fishing fleets to ensure perfect conservation of their capture over long distances.. The process of ultra freezing of freshly caught blue fin tuna halts the development of enzyme and microorganism activity. Also, the ultra freezing to -60° permits a optimum crystalisation of the water crystals converting them to a state of inactivity, or sleeping, which is effective in maintaining all the organileptic, texture, nutrients, vitamins freshness and taste, once defrosted. For these reasons Petaca Chico is able to market its blue fin tuna all year round with a guarantee of the most demanding standards of quality.