Nutritional Values
Valor nutricional
Hidratos de carbono por diferencia 0,10 g
Humedad 77,57 g
Proteína bruta 19,80 g
Grasa bruta 1,00 g
Cenizas 1,53 g
Energía 89 Kcal
Energía 370 Kj
Sodio 0,11 %
Ac. grasos monoinsaturados <0,01 %
Ac. grasos poliinsaturados <0,01 %
Ac. grasos saturados <0,02 %
Ac. grasos Omega3 <0,02
Ac. alfa-Linoléico %
Ac. Eicosatetraenoico %
Ac. Clupanódico %
Ac. grasos Omega6 <0,02
Ac. Linoleico %
Ac. gamma-Linolénico %
Ac. Dihomo-gamma-linolénic %
Ac. Araquidónico %
Valor por 100 g de producto
Full Information

Breca (Pagellus erythrinus) It is  a white salt water fish. It has a fusiform body, slim and oval. Clearly different from the Red Bream as having a more intense rose colouration.

Usually found between 20m and 100m depth, although sometimes deeper in the Mediterranean and Atlantic. Its habitat is in rocky, gravelly, muddy areas and  it can be found inside harbour areas, moving in small schools.

It is present in all fishing harbours of the Mediterranean and Atlantic, and is fairly common.

It is an important food product and is frequently found amongst the catches of commercial  and recreational fishing activities.

Fishing Methods

Rods, drag line, net, multi hook lines and hand lines.

Similar Especies

Boga de mar y besugo.