Nutritional Values
Valor nutricional
Hidratos de carbono por diferencia 1,26 g
Humedad 78,93 g
Proteína bruta 18,38 g
Grasa bruta <1,00 g
Cenizas 1,43 g
Energía 79 Kcal
Energía 329 Kj
Sodio 0,13 %
Ac. grasos monoinsaturados <0,02 %
Ac. grasos poliinsaturados <0,01 %
Ac. grasos saturados <0,01 %
Ac. grasos Omega3 <0,02 g
Ac. alfa-Linoléico %
Ac. Eicosatetraenoico %
Ac. Clupanódico %
Ac. grasos Omega6 <0,02 g
Ac. Linoleico %
Ac. gamma-Linolénico %
Ac. Dihomo-gamma-linolénic %
Ac. Araquidónico %
Valor por 100 g de producto
Full information

(Plectorhinchus mediterraneus)is a nectobentonic species which lives on sandy and muddy sea beds at depths of between 10 and 150m. Found in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic and is a typical capture along the coast from the Straits of Gibraltar to Conil and Barbate. Not found usually on the southern Mediterranean coast. Tasty and much enjoyed locally, although it has no special interest with respect to food or fish flour production.

Fishing Methods

Drag line and net.