Nutritional Values
Valor nutricional
Hidratos de carbono por diferencia 0,80 g
Humedad 78,48 g
Proteina bruta 19,29 g
Grasa bruta <1,00 g
Cenizas 1,43 g
Energía 80 Kcal
Energía Kj
Sodio 0,11 %
Ac. grasos monoinsaturados %
Ac. grasos poliinsaturados %
Ac. grasos saturados <0,02 %
Ac. grasos Omega3 <0,02 g
Ac. alfa-Linoléico %
Ac. Eicosatetraenoico %
Ac. Clupanódico %
Ac. grasos Omega6 <0,02 g
Ac. Linoleico %
Ac. gamma-Linolénico %
Ac Dihomo-gamma-linolénic %
Ac. Araquidónico %
Valor por 100 g de producto
Full Information

Sea Bream (Pagrus auriga) a member of the Sparidae family and  part of the sea bream/snapper species. Also known as “catalineja or catalineta” when young.. it is a large fish with oblong body up to 90cm  long and weighing up to 11kg,  although the normal size is smaller. It is a rose wine colour when caught and has 4 to 5 transversal red/brown stripes on its flank.

Frequently found on the Cadiz coast and in all the Canary Islands except El Hierro. It is found also in the eastern Atlantic and extends from Portugal, the Canaries, Madeira to Angola, including the southeast Mediterranean. Its habitat is near to the coast at between 2m and 200m depth and on rocky or mixed sand and mud sea beds. Its normal food is based on bivalve mollusks and small crustaceans, from which it gets its tasty meat, which is white and compact.

Fishing Methods

Hook lines, drag lines , trawler fishing.

 Similar Species

Mojarra, white sea bream, cachucho,red snapper and denton